Our wheat and lavender eye pillow are made from pure cotton and are filled with cleaned and graded organic wheat and organic lavender. The eye pillow measures approximately 23cm L x 11cm W. The inner wheat bag is made from cotton and can be removed allowing you to wash the outer cover. (Gentle wash at 30 degrees C recommended.)


These wheat pillows can be used to aid relaxation, simply place it over your eyes - inhale, exhale - and let the gentle weight of the wheat and scent of lavender help you drift off to sleep or still a busy mind. The wheat pillows are also perfect for yoga practice - take it to class or use it during home sessions to aid relaxation at the end of a class.


The eye pillows can be gently heated on a radiator and placed over your eyes to help release the natural oils which lubricate your eyes or to soothe stuffy sinuses. Alternatively cool the pillow in the fridge and use to refresh puffy eyes or simply keep it under your pillow and use it at room temperature to aid relaxation before going to sleep or on those night's when sleep eludes you.


The fabric design is called Rain Rain and was inspired by a walk in a heavy rain shower that I watched coming in to land from over the Firth of Forth. The C shaped motif represents the safe and welcoming shelter of Crail harbour.  Available in two colourways choose from Rain Rain with a white ground, mint rain drops and pink harbour motif or Rain Rain with an aubergine coloured ground, mint coloured rain drops and soft pink harbour motif. 


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