Our range of luxury, hand bound sketchbooks are covered in our joyful Flying High fabric design, and come in two colour ways. These sketch books are perfect for journalling, developing creative ideas or sketching and would make a special gift.


A5 in size, the 140 gms paper is suitable for use with mixed media allowing you to be experimental with your techniques. 

There are 128 pages for you to create on.

Made using traditional, Coptic stitching on the spines the sketchbooks lie completely flat when open, meaning you can smoothly create across both pages. 


We use these sketchbooks to develop tablet+HAAR ideas and initial designs. We are very fussy about our sketchbooks, they are heavily used with no special treatment and as a left hander the spine of most sketchbooks is a constant hindrance. This lead us to collaborate with a talented local bookbinder helloflorrie, to create our own. Because we personally use these sketchbooks we can confidently tell you that they really are mixed media friendly. We work in them with ink, gouache, pen, pencil, collage, pastel and felt tip and the pages are incredibly forgiving and stay lying flat as you can see from the selection of pictures from our sketchbook shown here.