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Bringing the outside in

With numerous studies showing that your interiors can boost your well being perhaps now more than ever is a good time to focus on making your home a comforting sanctuary. Images of nature, restful seascapes, rolling countryside vistas, botanical motifs all help to bring the outside in and create a sense of calm. I think this is partly why I am so drawn to nature when I design and tablet + HAAR's new range of hand printed wall hangings are all inspired by and feature natural elements . I am incredibly lucky to live by the sea and no day is complete without a dog walk along the coast path or across the rolling fields. These walks inspire my use of colour and the structure and rhythm of the designs I create.

As children we used to tease our mother over the number of house plants she kept - every room had something growing in it, glossy leaved succulents, a monster cheese plant that took over the living room and then the stairwell, tumbling spider plants and then much later orchids galore. As so often happens we turn into our mothers and I am slowly but surely filling our home with plants bringing the outside in. I have also become a very amateur, but avid grower of cut flowers, only the truly hardy survive and these too have worked their way into my designs.

There has been a shift in the way I work and I am now focusing the hand printed side of my business on wall hangings. I enjoying the freedom of printing intuitively, more experimentally and crucially in small batches, if I am honest I get a bit bored of printing the same thing over and over. The wall hangings are printed on natural linen using environmentally friendly inks and are lined with cotton and have a hand stitched channel holding the wooden hanging rod. I print them using a combination of exposed screens and hand cut stencils which allows me to respond to the design as it emerges on the fabric. The large scale hangings can be customised to match your interior scheme, once ordered I will contact you to discuss your colour way and send you digital swatches and a visual of what it would look like. I love doing this as it means I get to design and print with combinations of colours I might not naturally choose and the outcomes can be so exciting.

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